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How to Accurately Estimate The Cost of Buying Or Building Your Next Home

If you are considering buying a new home in South Florida, it might have occurred to you that building your own could be another option. Even if you aren’t one who has always dreamed of designing your own new home with exactly the features you want (and none you don’t), the idea might seem worth exploring—particularly when the rea ...

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The Difference Between The Value and Price Of Your South Florida Home

The fall selling season is just around the corner, causing some homeowners to give serious thought to the prospect of listing their home. Particularly when it’s likely that you will be entering the Ft. Lauderdale market soon, when it comes to the important decision regarding setting the price of the property, it’s helpful to keep in min ...

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Money Talks Especially When Buying a Luxury Home in South Florida

Like most other parts of the real estate market, luxury homes in Fort Lauderdale are expected to show a rise in demand going forward. Certain luxury homes have inherently superior marketability: luxury homes that both make a ‘statement’ and are priced competitively within their category are the most likely to attract competition between ...

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The Basics of Selling A Home In Fort Lauderdale

Ft. Lauderdale home selling is not so different from home selling in any other desirable community: the nearly universal underpinnings haven’t changed through the years. So when a homeowner watches a “Just Sold!” sign go up on a neighborhood home he or she just knows isn’t nearly as good a buy as his or her own property, &ld ...

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Helping the Kids During Your Relocation to Fort Lauderdale

Relocation is seldom simple, but it can be particularly challenging for children. Each year more than $25 billion is spent on relocation, frequently made necessary because of professional reasons. While many adults are able to settle into their new surroundings quite easily, children often have a harder time making the transition.  But parents ...

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